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June 2016


Premium ultrasound system

The Resona 7 ultrasound system is powered by the innovative ZONE Sonography Technology, which...


Data management system

For many years already, SCHILLER has been working on optimizing the integration and display of ...


Holter ECG sensors

Mega Electronics has launched an updated version of their "all-in-one" ECG sensor lineup, the Faros ECG ...

Video processor for endoscopy

The OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 Video Processor features both digital and optical enhancements, a ...


Flat panel-based imaging solution for surgical C-arms

The Pixium Surgical Imaging Suite brings together the flat panel detectors and Imaging Chain Solution ...


Highly flexible diagnostic ultrasound systems

Hitachi Aloka has developed two different styles of diagnostic ultrasound systems to meet these needs.

Thermal container prevents telescope lens fogging

nGHOTO is a totally reusable, easy-to-use thermal container that maintains the solution hot ...


24-hour blood pressure monitor with OXY (SpO2) module

Prevent sleep-related traffic accidents! Screen for sleep apnea! Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome ...


24" POC medical touch PC with internal power supply

Thanks to its internal power supply, the POC-WP242 24" Medical Touch PC eliminates the external adaptor ...

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